We are an industrial services company with a vocation to meet the demand of our clients in Advanced Solutions in Power Electronics and induction heating equipment, including equipment maintenance.
We have a highly trustworthy Human Team, basing its competitiveness on the ability to adapt and the speed of response.
We aspire to be a reference for the environment, in solving problems in the field of Professional Electronics.
All this guaranteeing Current Legislation in the activities we carry out. We will all put our effort and collaboration into:

  • Improve our processes, products and services.
  • Promote training and participation for all people in the organization to fulfill the performance of their job.
  • Have the most advanced techniques and means to provide our services, being competitive in the market.

This way we can get:

  • Meet the expectations and expectations of our clients.
  • Develop communication, trust and teamwork, that is, the participation of personnel in problem solving and Continuous Improvement

The Management Team of APEL, S.A., undertakes to provide all the means at its disposal necessary to comply with this QUALITY POLICY, as well as adapt it to the evolution of the Markets and Technologies.