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At APEL S.A. we are specialists in induction technology and processes. Which is why our solutions are based on preventive and corrective maintenance of such processes as:

  • Induction heat treatment
  • Induction hardening
  • Induction tempering
  • Induction welding
  • Induction forging
  • Induction melting
  • Surface heating, etc.

Our projects in this activity are therefore centred on the sale, commissioning, installation, refurbishment and maintenance of induction equipment. We also monitor the functioning of PLCs and other controllers, and the compliance of machines (CE). We maintain the operational safety of the machines and enhance the energy efficiency of the process we are involved in. But our work does not end there: we are specialists in training staff in the processes implemented in each company, so that they can continue with our quality implementation strategy.

icono_apelInnovation in data management

Since our work is based on the good functioning of your equipment, we offer an integrated strategy for the control of the entire production process:

  • To detect any possible fault in the equipment.
  • To study ways of improving the output of the machines.
  • To reduce unscheduled shutdowns to a minimum.
  • To advise the customer on any technical issues..
  • By adapting and implementing tools aimed at improving maintenance management (Service!on.one, electronic pen…).

All according to our guiding principle: to facilitate your day-to-day operations so that you can concentrate on producing while we keep your equipment running smoothly.

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Thanks to our strategy of scheduled servicing, our maintenance work is aimed at correcting faults and, in particular, to prevent any errors in the functioning of the equipment. The purpose of this methodology is to anticipate faults in order to prevent unscheduled shutdowns from bringing production to a halt, and so avoid the economic losses caused by this type of events.

  • Maintenance of induction equipment.
  • Tailored design and development of inductors.
  • Repair of cards and inductors.
  • Calibration of panel instrumentation.
  • Maintenance of machine tools.
  • Tailored projects and refurbishments.
  • Access to Apel’s Extranet to manage corrective maintenance reports.
  • Provision of innovative solutions.
  • Scheduled servicing.
  • Application of corresponding servicing protocol.
  • Detailed report with results obtained.
  • Telephone customer service to address any doubts or problems that may arise.
  • Training of improvement teams in partnership with the customer.
  • Access to Apel’s Extranet to manage MDP services.
  • Periodic servicing of induction equipment and issue of reports.
  • Associated corrective maintenance.
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