APEL, global solutions

We offer our customers a differentiated quality service aimed at providing integrated maintenance SOLUTIONS for power electronics and induction heating equipment.

We look after all aspects of the maintenance of this type of equipment for all sectors (automotive, aerospace, forging, heat treatment, stamping...). We perform ongoing monitoring and provide the solution which best meets the needs of each particular case.

Our combined experience in RDI and applied engineering applications provides the necessary flexibility and the technical capability to develop advanced solutions and turn ideas into reality for the good of our customers. Our certifications speak for our quality.

We are also specialized in the maintenance of machine tools, covering both scheduled and unscheduled needs, so that manufacturing processes can continue without unplanned shutdowns.

Finally, in order to offer our customers a comprehensive and integrated service, we sell equipment and spares for power electronics and induction equipment applications.

We can make your business more profitable by providing a reliable and quality service, so that you no longer have to worry about the proper functioning of your equipment.