icono_apelOur origins and track record

Aplicaciones Prácticas Electrónicas, S.A. (APEL S. A.), a company with extensive experience in the field of industrial electronics, was set up in 1981. Since then, APEL has grown hand in hand with its customers, leveraging current trends and products in the market, before finally specializing in corrective and preventive maintenance solutions for power electronics and induction heating equipment, machine tool maintenance, and the supply of equipment and components in the field of power electronics. APEL S.A. is staffed by specialists who keep up-to-date with the latest trends, because ongoing professional training is one of the cornerstones of the company.

Mission and future vision

Our main mission is to provide solutions in the field of induction heating, in collaboration with equipment manufacturers.
We aim to be a dynamic company, where workers develop their talents and commit to our strategy, and to improve our internal processes to maintain our excellence in services, incorporating the voice of the customer in all our processes, which means all staff assuming a customer service role at each stage of the process.
We aim to be committed to innovation in knowledge and processes, which requires working in partnership with our suppliers, customers and other interest groups.


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